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Silent Sorrows

I suggest sound on.

You'll probably need several viewings to really see all the moving parts. In the first seconds there's a person walking on the top of the ridge, the two moons are rotating aroud themselves but also orbiting around the main planet, the clouds in the planet are moving in opposite directions depending on the latitude, the big storm is slowly moving around the planet, there's another person walking near the river, the red glowing 'rain', there are several flocks of birds, the ship, all plants are moving with the wind, the water has small and big waves and caustics, and in the end the children platform is rising while her skirt is subtly flowing in the wind, and even the small whisps of clouds in the sky are subtly moving.

I always liked to bring details to my static images, I'm having great fun in additionally bringing moving details to my animations.

I tried to make the terrains with an alien look, but not too strange that would become totally unfamiliar and unrelatable. Same with the choice of vegetation and colors. I tried to establish the scene in that sweet spot between familiar and unfamiliar. Hope I succeeded.

The title... well... it hints on what came to my mind after seeing the finished animation. Often times, titles come to my mind early in the process, but this time it was one of the last things.
The adult humans are there just to give the viewer a sense of scale. The real "stars" are the children and the big ship.

I shot my other animations with 30fps, but this one I decided to use 24fps because it creates a more interesting blur as the camera moves. It gives it a more cinematic feeling.

I made this in Unreal Engine 5, with terrains that I made and textured in World Creator, ship in Zbrush, etc.

Made in Unreal Engine 5.