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Through the Heart

I made this video thinking of the 'night owls' out there, people who 'rise' when the sun comes down.
The title comes from a very specific and special moment in the video. Hope you can find it. I suggest to turn the sound on.
There are many things happening at the same time in this scene so I recommend watching it several times to take it all in.

The suns are rotating, their reflection on the water follows them, the colors in the sky are influenced by the combination of the lights and so keep changing, the stars around are moving in a strange pattern, there are birds occasionally passing by (a group of 3 birds pass 3 times...), plants wave with the breeze and even their color changes as the predominant sun changes, six stones start to float, a flower rises just a little (hard to spot), there are two partial eclipses, and obviously the main actor is rising and lowering. And maybe harder to notice, her two shadows, with different colors.

Made in Unreal Engine